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Total Station Leica TS02-5

Total Station Leica TS02-5
Total Station Leica TS02-5
Leica FlexLine TS02 - Ideal Today, perfect Tomorrow
The ideal Total Station for standard measurement tasks. Designed especially for mid-to-low accuracy applications. It comes complete with a standard set of application software that guide you through your daily work. If more convenient, use Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect any data collector, e.g. the Leica CS10/15. Use  the Software which best suits your task and familiarity.
Data storage/Communication Increase your flexibility in data handling by:
Bluetooth® wireless technology (optional)
Removable USB stick (optional)
Internal memory
FlexField & FlexOffice Software
FlexField on-board software and FlexOffice software offer a broad range of functionality to cover all tasks. Benefit from simplicity and functionality in one solution.
Alpha-Numerical Keyboard
for rapid entry of numbers, letters and special characters.
Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)
A selection of EDM options delivers exactly what you need:
3500 m
30 m FlexPoint (optional)
>400 m PinPoint-Power (optional)
>1000 m PinPoint-Ultra (optional)
Arctic If your work exposes you to extremely cold conditions down to -35°C (-22° F) this isn't a problem. All FlexLine Total Stations are available as Arctic versions. (optional)

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