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Flow Meter /Flowmeter /Current Meter /Ukur Arus Air GEOPACKS Advanced

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JUAL Flow Meter /Flowmeter /Current Meter /Ukur Arus Air GEOPACKS Advances

The new GEOPACKS Advanced Stream FlowMeter connects to the same sturdy impeller stick as the standard MFP51 meter but boasts a much more sophisticated meter which does away with the need for conversion charts. The new meter displays velocity in units of metres per second or mph and has an inbuilt logger function that allows you to choose between manual logging and auto logging. Auto logging allows you to take a reading at programmed intervals, say every 5 minutes, and record the result. All readings are then stored in a CSV file that can easily be downloaded to your PC via the mini USB cable provided. Powered by a standard AA battery ( included) , the Flowmeter also comes with a carrying pouch for added protection, a collapsible impeller stick and a compact case for transporting and storing the whole kit

Materials: PVC impeller poles, stainless steel impeller shaft, plastic impeller.
Dimensions: Overall pole length: 3.3 .
Four individual sections: 9.8 " each.
Cable: 3.3 .
Elevation rods: 9.8 " , 4.9 " , and 2.5 " .
Data Readout: LCD counter; 800 counts per minute; re-setting.
Sensor Type: Magnetic.
Range: Approximately 0.05m/ sec to 8.0m/ sec. Accuracy: 7% .
Power: 2 AA batteries

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