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Vibration Meter LUTRON BVB8207SD, call 082217294199

Lutron BVB-8207SD Four Channel Vibration Recorder with Four Sensors

    • Simple backlit display simultaneously displays all four measurements
    • User set recording intervals: 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600 seconds
    • Record directly to included 2GB memory card as CSV file accessable via any spreadsheet (excel), no software to install
    • Includes four vibration sensors with magnetic adapters and 3.9 foot long cables
    • Wide frequency response – 10Hz to 1kHz
    • Measure Vibration Acceleration, Vibration Velocity or Vibration Displacement on each sensor
    • RMS or Peak Value measurement modes (Acceleration or Velocity)
    • Peak to Peak or Max measurment Modes (Displacement)
    • Data Hold, Auto Power Off
    • Measure Acceleration in meter/s^2 or g ft/s^2
    • Measure Velocity in mm/s, cm/s or  inch/s
    • Measure Displacement in mm’s or  inch’s

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