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Digi-Pas DWL 280Pro Waterpass Digital Call 082217294199

1. Heavy Duty IP67-Water, Shock/Impact, Dust and Freeze Proof
allow the tool to work in harsh terrains including off-shore,
freezing cold weathers and wet tropical environments.
2. High impact resistance ABS plastic and rubber material
moulded with a solid V-groove buid in magnet aluminium base .
3. Dimension in mm (L)230, (H)57, (T)28 , Weight 370 g
4. Auto-reverse reading of Bright LED Display Technology
5. Display of angle in degree, slope (%) , mm/M and inch/Feet,
6. Resolution of 0.05° ( 1,0 mm/M )
7. Accuracy ±0,05° at 0° and ± 0,2° for others
8. Measuring range from 0°-90°, 4x90°(360°)
9. Wide operating temperature range : - 20°C to 60 °C
10. Alternate Zero, Hold button and User Self calibration Features
11. Buzzer sound at 0° / 90° and any held angle
12. Battery : 3 xAAA with 3 minutes Auto Shut Off

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