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GPS Geodetik SOUTH S86S 4GB internal memory capacity

Jual GPS Geodetik SOUTH S86S 4GB internal memory capacity @082217294199

SOUTH S86S Dual Frequency

Intergrated Static GNSS Reciever SOUTH S86S

Dual-frequency Signal Receiving
SOUTH S86S powerful L1/L2 GPS mainboard helps the receiver to receive satellite signals synchronously. Accuracy and efficiency of the units will satisfy you more when compared with single-frequency static receivers.

Huge Internal Memory
SOUTH S86S 4GB internal memory capacity of S86S allows mass storage of measured data for long time collection, which brings great convenience to your static work

GPS SOUTH GPS static S86s
- 3unit receiver
- 3unit charger
- 3unit tribrach adpt
- 3unit kabel aki
- 3unit meteran 3m

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