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Compass Brunton Omnisight | Harga Nego sampai Deal

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Compass Brunton Omnisight

 With both forward and reciprocal bearings, plus 90° quadrants and 6400 point MILS, the OMNI-SIGHT spot-through compass offers the convenience of multiple precision instruments in one hand-held unit. Steadfast aluminum housing ensures ruggedness and reliability, and the internal rare-earth magnet guarantees accuracy and resists magnetic interference.

·       �Illuminated Readout: Light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight
·       �Rare Earth Magnet: Resists magnetic interference and will not lose polarity.
·       �All-In-One Scales: 360 Degree azimuth, reciprocal bearing, quadrants, MILS.


·       �OVERALL DIMENSIONS - 2.5” X 3.5” X 0.5”
·       �WEIGHT - 11.8 OZ

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