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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge INSIZE ISU-200D


INSIZE ISU-200D Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Rp.13.000.000,-

Brand: Insize
Code/Type: ISU-200D
Applicable material: metal,plastic, glass, nylon, resin, ceramic, ice
Measure the thickness from one side of object, suitable for pipe, tank, etc
Low and high limits with judgement
Memory of maximum 500 readings
0.1mm (range>/- 100mm)
+/- 0.05mm (range<10mm)
+/- (0.01+0.5%H)mm (range >/- 10mm)
H is the thickness to be measured in mm
Velocity 1000-9999m/s
Power supply 3xAAA batteries
Dimension 151x70x24mm
weight 200g

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