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Hammer Test SADT HT-225A

HT-225  Concrete  Test  Hammer

Consistent withGB/T9138-1988 standards and JJG817-93 statutes and JGJ/T23-2001 technical regulations. HT-225 Concrete Test Hammer generally applied to building components, bridges and all kinds of concrete components (panels, beams, columns, bridges) strength.

1) Center guide rod using imported materials, high precision, wear-resistant;

2) Use of super-hard aluminum shell to avoid on-site work injury apparatus, to extend the service life;

3) Pointer slider with external spring ring structure, both convenient for the friction adjustment, and ensures that the pointer shaft and pointer slider friction uniform, to ensure the accuracy of the instrument. Peer-products is relatively high accuracy, quality and cheap, long service life.

Technical   Data

Measuring ranges: 10-60MPa

Impact energy: 2.207J(0.225Kgf.m)

Spring extension: 75mm

The static friction of pointer slider: 0.5N +/-0.8N

Radius of spherical tip : 25mm +/-1mm

The average rebound values on steel anvil: 80 +/-2

Housing dimensions: Φ54*278mm

Weight: 1Kg (unit net weight, not including packing)

Packing: plastic hand case

Incidental  Items  with  Instrument

1. HT-225 Concrete Test Hammer, 2. Desiccant, 3. Millstone

4. Technical Information with Instrument

5. Manual of HT-225 Concrete Test Hammer

6. Product Certification, 7. Product three packs of Cards

8. Packing List

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