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PENTAX Rotary Laser Level PLP-115

Toko MARGA SETIA Jual Alat Alat Teknik Sipil, Alat Lab, Alat Ukur dan Alat Survey, GPS, Sirine dan Alat Geologi

Produk yang ditawarkan :
Total Station. Waterpass. Theodolite Digital. Hammer test. Anemometer.Anggle Meter.Lux Meter. Sound Level. Kompas. Clinometer. Weather Station. GPS Geodetik. GPS Map. GPS Echosounder. Abney Level. Rain Gauge / Curah Hujan. Sirine. Levelling Laser. Fusion Splicer. Digipas. Laser Meter.Meteran. Waterpass Digital. Coating Thiknes. Thermometer. Thermo hygrometer. SIRINE.Kompas, Clinometer, Abney Level, Flowacth, Laser Range Finde,Fusion Splicer, Sand Cone test, DCP, Palu geologi, Loupe, Batre dan Charger, Tripod, Prisma Polygon, Single Prisma, mini Prisma, Bak Ukur, Range Pole, Kabel Data,DO meter, FLIR, MultiMeter, Clamp Meter, Dll masih banyak lagi pokonya.

Clear function programm with simple application.
Heavy-walled, massive aluminium casing protects the laser by toughest use at construction.
High qualtiy standard used by NESTLE in converting.
Power-supply on front display of the laser for most comfortable using and environtment protection by saving batteries.
The assembled laser diode has a well visible laser beam, which increases the visibility for indoor working.
The human eye can better realise the green laser beam as the red one, especially indoor.
Total range of 600 m.
Automatic horizontal and vertical roatating laser: Install, turn on and start working.
Complete package with laser receiver and remote control.
Three modes: roatation (four speeds), scanning mode (for locating working ranges), point mode, with plump beam up and down.
The laser level can be inclined in two axes manually.

Scope of delivery:
  • Laser level with case and tecnical manual
  • Laser receiver with holder
  • Remote control
Accuracy ± 1mm on 10 m
Self-levelling zone ± 5°
Range with receiver Ø 600 m
Laser diode / beam 635 nm, cl. 2 / red
Operating time approx. 35 hours
Rotation velocities 0; 60; 120; 300; 600 r.p.m.
Operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Weight / Dimensions 1.500 g
Protection class IP56
Range with remote 20 m

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