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Sokkia IM-101 Reflectroless Total Station Accuracy 1second


082217294199 JUal Sokkia IM100 seris Total Station
Selamat datang di TantanTeknik Marga Setia Tempat Jual Alat Survey Total Station Murah, Nego, Babarayaan di Jakarta. Jual Total Station Sokkia IM-100 Series

Total Station Sokkia IM-100 series terdiri dari 

  • Sokkia iM-101 1-Second Reflectorless Total Station
  • Sokkia iM-102 2-Second Reflectorless Total Station
  • Sokkia iM-103 3-Second Reflectorless Total Station
  • Sokkia iM-105 5-Second Reflectorless Total Station

The iM-100 (Intelligent Measurement Total Station) incorporates all the features you need at a cost-efficient price. It will handle your most demanding survey layout or as-built project needs.

You get fast, accurate, and powerful EDM technology, best-in-class accuracy up to 5,000 m with a prism and up to 800 m in reflectorless mode, and a battery life of up to 28 hours. The iM-100 is ready to be your hardest worker out in the field.


  •     Fast, accurate and powerful EDM
  •     Integrated Blueooth® technology – no external antenna necessary for connectivity with the controller
  •     Dual axis compensation
  •     Waterproof IP66 rating
  •     Up to 28 hours of battery life in Eco mode 

TOTAL STATION SOKKIA IM-101 Akurasi 1detik Reflectroless 

Spesifikasi Total Station Sokkia iM 101


  •     Magnification / Resolving power : 30x / 2.5″
  •     Length : 171 mm (6.7 in.)
  •     Objective aperture : 45 mm (1.8 in.) (48 mm (1.9 in.) for EDM)

    Angle Measurement

  •     Display Resolution : 1″ / 1″
  •     Accuracy (ISO 17123-3:2001) : 1″


  •     Internal memory : Approx. 50,000 points
  •     Plug-in memory device : USB flash memory (max. 32GB)


  •     Dust/Water Rating : IP66 (IEC 60529:2001)
  •     Size with handle (w x d x h) :
  •     Control panel on both faces: 183 x 181 x 348 mm
  •     Control panel single face: 183 x 174 x 348 mm

Paket Pembelian :

1x Alat Total Station Sokkia iM 101
2x Tripod Alumunium
1x Prisma Poligon
1x Prisma Detil
1x Range Pole / Stik

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Jual Total station Sokkia IM-101 Akurasi 1detik Reflectroless Harga murah, Nego dan Babarayaan, bisa dikirim ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia cek Info harga terbaik dan stok di 082217294199 email

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