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Jual TOTAL STATION LEICA iCON iCB70, Total Station Topcon / Total Station Nikon / Total Station Ruide / Total Station South / Total Station Horizon / Total Station Spectra / Total Station Trimble


Total Station Leica iCON ICB70 manual construction total station makes you layout more points per day on your construction project with either prism or reflectorless measurements. Featuring mobile data capability, the iCB70 lets you transfer construction data between the office and the instrument directly, keeping your project progress and plans constantly up to date, assuring that you do not miss any changes in design. Facilitating the move from conventional analogue layout methods to modern digital workflows, the iCB70 helps you to achieve the productivity and accuracies demanded by the building construction industry.

Spesifikasi Total Station Leica iCON ICB70

Total Station Leica iCON ICB70 allows users to:

Keep tight project tolerances by measuring to a prism

Layout points and lines quickly and accurately, even on complex structures

Perform verticality checks on formwork and structures

Complete fast and accurate as-built measurements

Report volume calculations directly on site

Work with digital design data including fully rendered models in IFC format

Transfer construction data directly to and from the instrument

Equipped with the construction-tailored and easy-to-use software platform iCON build, Total Station Leica iCON ICB70 manual construction total station guarantees efficient layout and as-built tasks. Forget about paper plans, tapes, plumb-bobs and chalk-line that cause error-prone layout jobs on your construction site. Leica Geosystems’ new manual construction total stations support you in your no-tapes and no-strings approach to construction layout.

Total Station Leica iCON ICB70 features:

  • iCON build with ‘build plus’ on-board software
  • 5 inch colour touch screen and full numeric keyboard
  • FineFocus telescope to simply aim to a defined target
  • 1’’, 2’’ and 5’’ angular accuracy
  • Prism and reflectorless measurements
  • Bluetooth and WLAN
  • Mobile data (GSM / GPRS / UMTS / LTE) as an option
  • IP66 rating

- Go digital

- Mobile data transfer

- Ease-of-use

- Leica iCON field

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